These home little treats are what FTHBC recommends for you and your family.

Living Room

Minimalist sofa that suits a small flat that is perfect for couples or small family or even single professionals.

Living room center piece that is perfect to make your living room looks cozy and inviting.

Perfect for minimalist spaces, this lamp gives a warm and comfy atmosphere at night!


We need a sturdy and comfy bed to rest our tired bodies therefore we recommend this bed frame.

Comfy comforters are perfect to end a tiring day! You will love these pastel colored comforters!

Investing on a quality pillow is a perfect treat for ourselves. You deserve having a comfy pillow!


We recommend this kitchen counter to prepare quick breakfast for a busy day for busy person like you.

Air fryer is one of the trendy appliances nowadays, this is perfect for new recipes for a busy person like you!.

Countertop dishwasher is perfect for compact spaces and we recommend this to singles and/or couples.

Dining Room

This cute, white dining set suits a small family which won’t take your space that much.

Among our favorite pieces is having a ceiling lamps that adds an appeal to boring spaces.

These placemats add a balancing effect on your dining table. It improves your appetite to eat.


Having a quality floor mat gives a perfect treat for our feet after a warm bath or shower.

We want a mildew resistant shower curtains that not only provides convenience but appeal to our bathroom.

Adding a small storage for our bathroom needs is absolutely a must have for a compact or big bathrooms.